Jody Salbo, Managing Director

Jody Salbo has over 20 years of experience as an analyst in finance, data management, reporting, and operations across the for-profit and non-profit sectors. She is first and foremost an analyst, helping organizations understand where they are in the present and where they are going. Throughout her career she has engaged in financial reporting and strategic budgeting, data analysis, identifying gaps in funding, and board and donor reporting. Her goal in starting Halo Insights was to bring those insights and skills to a wider breadth of organizations to enable them to tell their stories and grow.

Halo Insights’ mission is clear: to utilize an organization’s information to unlock insights that advance the mission of the organization. Jody designed Halo Insights’ values around her belief in the importance of Integrity, Curiosity, Respect, Teamwork, and Growth. These values are the foundation of all of her work.

Jody spent the first half of her career at Fortune 500 investment banks working on corporate finances and financial modeling. She subsequently moved on to work on JPMorgan Chase Global Philanthropy team which manages the firm’s Foundation. Jody provided in depth analysis of the program, designed financial tools, and worked on the board reporting.  She then went on to work in the Wildlife Conservation Society’s African Conservation program, managing finances, building and restructuring programs, and handling management issues. Jody also worked as a Director of the ASPCA’s Adoption Center overseeing various teams and handling the department’s finances, metrics, grants, strategy, special initiatives, and partnerships. Since then Jody has dedicated her professional efforts to providing high quality financial and strategic management insights to Halo Insights clients. Jody holds a B.S. in Finance from Lehigh University and a MBA from Yale University.

Our Values

Integrity in our work and partnership with our clients. We always choose courage over comfort in doing the right thing.

Respect is the foundation of all relationships. We honor our relationships by showing the utmost care and consideration for our clients.

We are part of your team, always working towards your organization’s goals in the most thoughtful and effective ways.

Heightened curiosity gives us the drive to constantly learn and allows us to find the answers that your organization is looking for.

Growing and evolving is the key to learning and understanding. We will work through challenges with you to enable your organization to grow. 

Social Responsibility

Halo Insights supports socially responsible businesses. By advancing your mission, we are advancing our mission. Part of our work with you is to increase the success of your business, and in turn, spreading your mission based message more effectively.